Unfortunately, we simply do not have enough foster parents and foster homes in our community to truly serve the kids that we have coming into our foster care system. Hope Ranch would be one way that we could actually serve children from our community in our community. For foster children with behavioral issues, the Hope Ranch will offer a positive alternative to moving from foster family to foster family, ultimately creating additional traumatic event for these children to address and resolve. Annie Foncannon, Executive Director Franklin County Community Resource Board

Children who grow up in the midst of chaos, without being given a firm foundation for understanding the world and their place in it, are unlikely to become the productive and happy individuals they were meant to be. To allow that amazing potential for growth, and the ability to contribute to society, to go to waste is an evil we cannot afford. Childhood traumas and neglect that go unaddressed cause mental physical and emotional problems throughout life and their effects are felt for generations to come. Lee Parks D.O. Union, MO

In my 20 years of working in the social service field, I have seen several different scenarios that would justify the need for a place like the Hope Ranch in our community. Our abused children need a “family feeling” atmosphere, individual attention, and an opportunity for their family members to be part of the healing process. Glenda Volmert, Executive Director Franklin County CASA

Having been judge of the Juvenile Court for many years and having presided over more “messy” divorce cases than I want to remember, I can testify that Hope Ranch will fill a void in our child welfare system that is sorely needed. Honorable Larry Davis Retired Judge

Hope Ranch is a very needed resource for our community. Hope Ranch aligns with the mission of MBSH to improve the health in the communities we serve. Lisa Lochner, Vice President Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital

Children grow and flourish by adults providing love, support, stability and consistent boundaries in their lives. The Hope Ranch will be a positive resource to make the happen. Tanya Voss Ed.D., Retired Assistant Superintendent Sullivan School District

A child must feel as if they are valued and belong not only to family and friends, but to the community. We at Hope Ranch believe each child is a blessing and should be treated as such, but at times are not. Our mission is to become that village that shows our children they are valued and worthy of patience and understanding. It is our hope to provide support as these young people, work toward their best futures, breaking their own cycles of violence, abuse/neglect to become pillars of our community that we wish for all. Cheryl Savage LCSW Union, MO