Encourage children to:
-Attend church with houseparents
-Participate in Ranch bible studies
-Develop relationships with area church congregational members
-Attend summer vacation bible school sessions at local churches
-Get involved with Church youth groups
-Socialization with “Ranch Grandparents”

Last, but most importantly, the understanding that they are not alone. The God that created them, loves them unconditionally. Many of our children have been placed with us because they were removed from unsafe environments. They have been let down by those who are supposed to protect them. We believe God loves all children equally and that the surest teacher for a child is the one who demonstrates evenhandedness, acceptance and compassion as did our Lord Jesus Christ. The aim of Hope Ranch is to allow our children to live in that love and security as they heal, grow, and build healthy, supportive relationships with their families, their community and their God.

Hope Ranch will make every effort to collaborate with a child’s own church or church of their family’s choice to ensure a future feeling of safety and continuity for that child. Involvement in religious activities will be encouraged but not forced.

We will invite Youth and Children’s Pastors from area churches to help design and teach the curriculum that will include such basics as the wisdom of following the Ten Commandments, thinking through the parables Jesus told to make a point, and loving thy neighbor as thyself.