Hope Ranch is a grassroots Franklin County project with the sole purpose of providing education, counseling and safe housing for children and young people who are at risk off abuse, addiction, and failing to find their way to a productive and fulfilling life.

The Board of Hope Ranch is comprised of successful community leaders who have identified this major gap in the support of our children which can only be addressed by the Hope Ranch concept.

Further, the Hope Ranch vision is to provide our children with long term anchors within that community so that they never find themselves alone and adrift when they encounter challenging life events.

As a Board, faith has played an important part in our motivation to work through the intricacies of starting a new organization. For us, our belief systems are not a specific doctrine or denomination but a blueprint for developing responsible and ethical behavior based in the sure understanding that each of us is uniquely important and worthy of love, and further that we are obligated by that moral compass to treat others as lovingly as we would hope to be treated. These teachings are common to all people who seek to live by moral precepts.

In trying to instill a sense of community, empathy, and responsibility into the children we serve, we intend to take advantage of whatever healthy contacts and activities are already available to all children in our communities by encouraging our house parents to use them to give their charges the most normal life experiences possible in the circumstances.

Franklin County has numerous resources for programs and activities that help young people experience inclusion and make healthy friendships with other youth, and other people of all ages in a safe environment. Hope Ranch hopes to use these resources for those children with the greatest needs. Keeping youth in contact with their school, church and any previously existing extracurricular activities helps minimize the dislocation of placement in foster care.

While the roots of our efforts began and continue to be led by our Christian faith, it is not our purpose to proselytize for any church. Rather we will encourage students to participate in the spiritual education chosen by themselves or their family whatever it may be and will offer a variety of resource to assist their personal study.

Any spiritual activities are all voluntary and meant to stimulate thinking about the basis of choice and how to choose a moral compass and character building.