Service learning activities will be one of the foundations of Hope Ranch to help children heal as they learn to be involved, productive citizens of their community.

The “Gift“ of giving back: One of the most effective and rewarding steps in the process of healing and developing a healthy perspective and attitude is to shift the focus from oneself to the needs of others.  Service learning activities not only let the Hope Ranch give back to our communities, but allow our children to experience the inner joy experienced by helping others.  It is a two-sided gift!

Each set of houseparents will schedule a weekly “service project” for their family.  Service to local agencies, churches and community organizations will be provided to people in need by the children under the supervision and assistance of their houseparents.

Student participation in these projects will help develop a strong work ethic. Goals will be established and measured as part of the behavior incentive program. As the children progress, more responsibility will be given to promote leadership development.