The Hope Ranch alternative therapeutic school will look and function like other schools in Missouri.  However, a noticeable difference at this school will be the feeling of hope, confidence and purpose from our students and staff as they work together to accomplish their goals. Staffing for teachers and counselors will be based upon a 12/1 student ratio.

Trusting relationships of respect and support are always slowly and carefully being built between students and staff.  From that solid foundation of trust, students can then feel safe enough to not only work with the staff on the underlying issues and behaviors that lead them here but they can start envisioning a better future and map out the steps they need to take to reach it. The goal is to widen their vision: to build towards their ability to see the big picture which is self-esteem, independence, opportunities and a career.

For children who have been unsuccessful in the traditional classroom setting, the on-site alternative therapeutic school will provide intensive individualized counseling and educational programs to meet their social, emotional and academic needs.

  • Grades K -3: Instruction will be provided with individual and small group instruction
  • Grades 4 – 8: Instruction will include small groups and accredited on-line instruction
  • Grades 9-12: Instruction will include small groups and on-line instruction. Program will include combinations of Hope Ranch School, public school, regional vocational school, internships and college courses as appropriate

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