Hope Ranch will be a licensed residential center. A two-family duplex design not only provides each family a home, it also provides immediate support with neighboring houseparents, when needed. Each family home will consist of a kitchen, dining area, living room and individual bedrooms for a maximum of six children. The structure of daily life and nurturing that is given by houseparents will reflect the world in which we want our children to return. The children will live in reconstructed families under the guidance of live-in houseparents.  Each child will be introduced to their assigned families upon enrollment and a special “ranch buddy” will be appointed to the child the first month at the ranch.

  • Family-style Christian homes with highly trained house parents
  • Six Children per each home with one houseparent
  • Children will learn how to work as a family to solve problems, set goals and make healthy choices
  • Children will learn how to interact in a positive and respectful manner towards their ranch family and natural family

Staff members of Hope Ranch understand that to make a difference for these children and teens with their protective walls, inappropriate behaviors, and negative self-image they must provide an environment that instills trust.  Six fundamental practices must be in place for caring adults to create a healthy environment for children and teens to learn and grow that include:
-Time for healing, developing trust and developing self-esteem                                                             -High expectations in behaviors and academics
-Staff understanding and empathy for students                                                                                         -Highly trained and committed staff
-Mutual respect among all staff and students                                                                                             -Structure, consistency and discipline